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Cannes Lions Live : Shaftesbury Branded keynote presentation

Supporting our client Shaftesbury we secured a coveted keynote spot for the Branded division to discuss how Brands should support diverse communities and engage with niche markets through storied digital content and connections specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. Stories matter.

With COVID19 the event was adapted to a virtual setting, free for everyone and watched by millions around the world. It’s a real honour to present at the Cannes Lions, and an even bigger honour to be chosen to present as part of their Action Day, which included activists such as Chelsea Clinton, and brands like IBM and Unilever.

Pivoting quickly we worked with our team to produce a mini-docu style video. Setting up a shoot during Covid-19 is not for the faint of heart, but it was so fulfilling to get back on set. Two months of effort condensed into two weeks!

Featuring never-before-seen footage of LGBTQ+ icons Angelica Ross (Pose) and Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) from the Shaftesbury documentary film, Queering the Script, Shaftesbury shares lessons learned on creating community-focused branded entertainment.

Having worked with leading brands on creating successful LGBTQ-driven series, we’ll learn about the industry best practices and why it is important to create content for niche audiences, specifically, during this time of social isolation.

Brands have an opportunity to support and authentically engage with underrepresented communities by powering the content and digital spaces that allow these communities to connect and thrive. Not only does this support the communities themselves, it’s good for the brand’s business.



London, England


Shaftesbury Branded


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