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About LeFace

A Brand Community Agency
How LeFace Can help?

Brand Community is  a Foundation

Based on our deep experience and expertise in the brand-community arena, LeFace created a proprietary strategic approach, BrandMaPR (pronounced Brand-mapper), to ensure that all brand community initiatives clearly and consistently reinforce an organization’s brand. This brand-centric and business goal-oriented model helps organizations increase marketshare and mindshare with the direct goal of positively impacting its bottom line.

The etymology of the word BrandMaPR stems from what LeFace views as the ideal marketing communications model – clarity of an organization’s brand (Brand) leads to the creation of powerful brand-centric marketing programs (Ma) that by their very nature must have strong PR and social media opportunities built into them (PR).

How Our Approach Is Different

Too many agencies approach marketing, advertising or PR tasks from a silo mentality with little understanding of how their work should affect the overall brand and the organization’s business goals.

Often, the end result is that slick marketing programs are created that have little relevance or impact in reinforcing the brand community or helping achieve business goals. In fact, the approach of style over substance often can be detrimental to growing the brand and its resonance among its target audience.


  1. Through BrandMaPR, LeFace works with clients to first clarify their brand – the fundamental emotional experience an organization wants its target audience to have with its product or service at every touch point. Once the brand is clarified, LeFace develops marketing and digital programs that consistently reinforce and strengthen its brand position among its target audience.

  2. These brand-centric marketing programs must have strong PR and social media campaigns built into them so that they are a natural extension and complement to the marketing program. The PR opportunities must also be focused on the core target audience and further serve to reinforce the brand – giving it power and strength to stand out in the marketplace.

  3. When done correctly, this is a model that can be repeated over and over to create a “surround sound” experience that consistently grows and strengthens the brand’s resonance among its core target audience.

What We Do?

We know first-hand the way big agencies work with clients and can over-charge and waste your time and money.

We dramatically improved and streamlined that process to place emphasis on creating an outstanding and more results-oriented client partnership that produces thrilling brand communities for Canadian broadcasters, film and television production companies, industry associations and emerging innovative companies.

Brand Community and You?

Branding is not just about what people buy… it’s about what they buy into. And what they buy into is the relationship they expect to have with your brand – your Brand Commnunity.

How We Create Brand Communities?

There is a positive vibe here. It’s full of energy and excitement. A feeling that anything is possible. It’s an open, warm and inviting feeling.

We are a tactically assembled team of designers, developers, writers, and strategists collectively crafting extraordinary solutions.

We use a range of activities including Communication Strategies, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Digital Engagement, SEO/SXO and Events to build brand communities.

Who We Work With?

We know that our broad experience and expertise across multiple industries enables us to be better counselors and service providers to our clients.  Yes, we’ve probably worked in your sector and understand it.  But more importantly, we can bring new ideas, creativity, innovation and strategic insights from multiple vantage points that other agencies simply cannot.

Our clients includes Canadian broadcasters, film and television production companies, industry associations and emerging innovative companies.

Why LeFace?

We think big, bring ideas to life, design experiences & tell stories that make users happy.

From high-level strategy & creative thinking to pixel-perfect execution and performance, we bust our asses to grow your brand community.

By creating strong communities, we help our clients achieve their marketing and communications goals, from increased media exposure, speaking engagements, stronger industry visibility and international market exposure.

We make Connections Happen.

Want to Know More?

Brands that can build up meaningful communities with which they can engage, tend to perform a lot better than those that don’t.

Clients from around the globe and from diverse verticals have sought our help.



Our Services.

We Have All the Services You Need.

We think big, bring ideas to life, design experiences and tell stories that make users happy.

We take a deep dive to understand your business goals upfront – so that we can create a strategic plan focused on helping you achieve those goals. Our strategic plans are filled with creative ideas and innovative approaches, yet grounded in our years of marketing communications experience and firsthand know-how of what moves the business needle.

Whatever your business challenges, we have all the services you want to get the results you need. We also have all the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the right strategic plan is executed to perfection by one seamless team.


Digital Strategies.

LeFace is living proof that you don’t have to choose between the convenience of a one-stop-shop and the depth of expertise of a digital-only agency. Our in-house team does everything under the digital marketing umbrella – from PPC, Paid Social & Programmatic Display, to Marketing Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Automation & E-Mail Marketing.

At LeFace, we’ve developed a decidedly different approach to digital marketing with a singular focus on delivering real, bottom-line business results for your organization and a consistent, intent-driven experience for your users across every digital touchpoint.


Events and Promotion.

Our ability to mesh proven Communications tactics with creative thinking and innovative approaches enables us to produce better.

We regularly garner positive opportunities in the world’s leading industry events. We have deep connections and expertise in understanding what editors, producers, reporters and bloggers want, and know how to craft compelling stories that are newsworthy. We know how to create the news value needed to secure the greatest quantity and quality of coverage possible. And we know how to work with the media to get the results our clients want.

We are constantly collaborating with the programmers of key international industry events, conferences, festivals and awards and sales markets. We’ve put together award-winning entries, keynotes, panels and programming tracks for the Mip markets in Cannes and SXSW to name a few. And we don’t just stop at the programming, we specialize in VIP Concierge and Executive Management, taking care of every aspect of the journey, be it professional or personal. 

Digital Marketing.

From Fortune 100 companies to small privately-held companies, we’re constantly creating fresh, innovative and highly successful campaigns that combine the power of thought leadership, and digital. However, we will not execute a campaign just because it sounds cool or looks like fun.  It has to help our clients achieve real results.

Whether it’s a digital campaign, viral national contest, social media campaign, a new product launch, influencer seeding, or a grassroots marketing campaign — we’re always looking to create the best strategy to help you reach your brand community goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Video Production.

Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful communication tools to deliver carefully crafted messaging while simultaneously establishing a strong emotional connection with your target audience.

We place tremendous value on helping our clients achieve their business goals. In today’s social media heavy and fast-paced world, videos and images are one of the most powerful tools you can use to do just that – move your target audience to take action.

Our in-house videography and photography offerings enable us to ensure we deliver outstanding results for our clients, while always keeping their brand at the forefront. Whether through animated explainer videos, stimulating product shots, or social media videos, Warschawski can help you leverage the immense power of storytelling to achieve your business goals.


Design & Development.

Websites are powerful business tools and our team of multi-disciplinary experts knows how to harness this power to create websites that are engaging, easy to use, speak to the target audience and guide them to the desired outcome.

Simply put: Our design aesthetic is what’s right for you.

It must always articulate your brand and resonate with your target audience. Our design must fit into the larger brand community strategies we’re creating.

We’ll handle all aspects of the design and development and have a tried and tested approach that helps achieve the optimal outcome as quickly as possible.


Social Media.

It isn’t rocket science but it does take time and experience.

We are experts at helping our clients establish and maintain their brands on a variety of social media platforms that create powerful connections with their audiences online.

We bake social media into our overarching marketing approach and leverage the medium to drive engagement, improve SEO, build and grow relationships, and drive website traffic and sales/lead generation.


    Brand Community Experts

    We are a tactically assembled team of the brightest designers, developers, writers, and strategists collectively crafting extraordinary solutions.

    Colin Turnbull brand community leface
    Rebecca Herr brand community leface
    brand community leface
    brand community leface
    brand community leface
    brand community leface
    brand community leface


    testimonials quote pattern

    I absolutely love working with Rebecca and Colin. Their knowledge of the industry is stellar and their attentiveness and passion makes great things happen. I always feel they have my back.

    Roz Owen

    Working with Colin and Rebecca at Le Face has been a very strategic partnership for Over & Above. They act like an extension of our team and care about our success like we do. They are creative, agile, relevant and are continually thinking outside the box for us to make sure we grow our business. They are adaptable to time zones and busy schedules which is critical for our ongoing partnership. They are also a pleasure to work with and our long standing working relationship is testament in itself to our confidence in them.

    Emer Sherlock
    COO | Over & Above | Ireland

    I have worked with LeFace on many digital projects, and have always been thrilled. Currently they are working on my new website, they are easy to talk to, explain technical concepts in a very clear and effective way, and they have very transparent pricing ---- no hidden costs, and will always work hard to honour your vision for your site, and help grow your business through SEO, event management, promotion --- truly full service and lovely people

    Tara Luxmore
    Beer Sisters | Founder

    Rebecca and her team at LeFace zeroed in on who I am and what I’m about, and an stunning and effective online presence. Rebecca knows everyone. She builds you a foundation, guides you through networking and promotes you with passion.

    Don McCutcheon

    Colin and Rebecca are an amazing team to work with. Professional, enthusiastic and expert advice on all things SEO are all reasons why you should work with them.

    Lesley Breeze
    Shaftesbury Branded
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