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COVID Lockdown Awards

COVID Lockdown Awards

Enter our Lockdown Awards and help choose the unexpected heroes of the corona crisis

Celebrate your personal heroes of lockdown with a nomination, be that a brilliant baker or an amazing act of kindness from a neighbour

Who will you remember most for life under lockdown? Beyond those you’re cooped up with – the close family, friends or roomates who, let’s face it, will take some forgetting  – there are other people who are resonating with communities across the country. These are the new stars of their locality, who’ve become known for uplifting the spirits of those around them with their acts of kindness, selflessness or just downright good fun – and this is your chance to share their achievements and celebrate them with the rest of the world.

That we’ll all remember our front line workers and essential workers goes without saying. They are all heroes, and their hard work and personal sacrifices will resonate long after real life has resumed, when the Thursday night claps have finished and the rainbows have faded. 

It’s the OTHER heroes of life under lockdown that we want to reward – those everyday achievements of friends, neighbours or others we have come across, that we’ve been touched and helped by, or who have kept a smile on our faces, however tough times have got. 

And that’s where you come in – this is your chance to nominate and to vote, and make sure your own personal hero of the hour is recognised by the rest of the nation –  whether it’s for an amazing DIY project, your community hero, a mouthwatering bake, an impressive new skill or an awesome crafty creation.

You might want to draw attention to the Facebook friend who posts amazing memes that bring a smile. The family that performs live music each night to the neighbourhood or the kids making sidewalk murals. I noticed painted rocks along the Welland Canal path with uplifting messages – that person will receive an anonymous mention. 

Whoever you want to nominate and wherever they are, one thing unites them, and that’s their ability to inspire and uplift during lockdown. 

We’ll also be celebrating the businesses that we’ve been cataloguing over the past few weeks, and the innovative, flexible and nimble things they’ve done to keep afloat that have placed them at the centre of their community effort – from individuals that have gone out of their way to do things for their community at a financial loss to those who’ve come together to try and keep their industry going. 

So we want to hear from you – all you need to do is send in your COVID Lockdown nominations, whether it’s your own creation and achievement, or that of a neighbour or friend.

To enter the Lockdown Awards, fill in the form at the bottom of this article by May 7 2020.

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