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We’re all about community. And “brand community,” as a term, has been resurrected in 2016. But for LeFace the implication that this is a social marketing exercise is misplaced. For sure it can be built or sustained and developed in the social sphere, but its true merit lies in its potential as a business strategy and not just a channel marketing one.

10 Reasons We're Different

1. We offer large Toronto agency experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost.

We know first-hand the way big agencies work with clients and can over-charge and waste your time and money. We dramatically improved and streamlined that process to place emphasis on creating an outstanding and more results-oriented client partnership that produces thrilling business results.

2. We offer superlative personalized attention and care.

Our team truly cares about each and every client, regardless of size. We’re not happy until you’re happy. At Warschawski you get boutique agency service with big agency results.

3. Unlike most marketing agencies, we truly understand business and how it works.

In fact, our CDO has run a successful digital agency for 18 years and has created several internet first for internal brands before partnering to create LeFace with his wife.

4. We want to understand your business goals upfront.

That way we can create a strategic plan focused on helping you achieve your specific goals. We don’t do cookie-cutter work.

5. A partner, not a junior coordinator, will be your main point of contact.

You’ll always have a senior associate or above driving and leading your account. This L team member will actually be working in a marcom capacity on your account and is not just an order taker or middle-man to the rest of the team.

6. We offer all of the marcom services you need under one roof

Branding, marketing, PR, digital, creative design, web design, advertising, SEO/PPC and social media. This means your marketing campaigns will be executed seamlessly by one integrated team.

7. We don’t work in silos or departments, and we don’t think in terms of marketing disciplines.

To do so is limiting and results in the same old stifled thinking. We think in terms of winning strategic ideas and getting real business results.

8. We love being on the cutting edge and we have deep experience and expertise in the digital realm.

We are the only agency in Toronto offering brand community to Canadian broadcasters, film and television production companies, industry associations and emerging innovative companies.

9. We love what we do and have a great time doing it!

And you’ll have fun working with us. We have a very strong culture and believe that having a great time and doing great work are not mutually exclusive concepts. Rather, when you’re having fun doing what you love, you create better results.

10. We are consistently ranked among high with our clients.

We work on referrals and retainers so making sure our clients succeed – ensures we succeed.

Why you need a brand community?

1. Better brand awareness and loyalty

Community builds belonging, fosters good will through shared values and experiences. When a community gets behind a brand, the brand feels a MEASURABLE loyalty lift both in B2B business and directly with your consumer.

Community spreads; Brands can build their communities with an authentic online voice, shared and shared by those who believe in the message, in the message of the brand. For potential costumers and viewers to share your content out of intent is the creation of THE most valuable branding possible.

2. Increased engagement on social media

A Brand community that’s focused around your product and values will share information about them. You can use your community to make your social media posts go viral. Post videos, images and contests that are appealing.

Brand Community members can be your best brand advocates and help spread your content.

3. Reduced marketing expenses

When you have an online brand community, you can reduce your dependency on expensive marketing activities. Nearly half (49 percent) of businesses with online brand communities have cost savings between 10 -25 % per year.

This is because you can save money on customer acquisition by having an online community. You can get repeat visits and a higher frequency of shares by focusing on your current customer base. Building your brand community should be a long-term strategy that relieves your marketing expenses.

4. More user-generated content

Online content is saturated with forced marketing messages that are impersonal. However, people are likely to pay attention to content created by their peers since it’s more authentic.

As a business, you can leverage user-generated content from your community. You can feature their content on your social media pages, website and advertisements. This makes your content look genuine and shows that you’re listening to your audience.

How to build a brand community?

1. Build a social media following

This is an obvious and effective way to start building your online brand community. Set up a business page on relevant platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Create content to make people aware of you. You’ll be able to engage with people and build a following by creating posts that evoke curiosity.

A helpful tip is to create a persona on social media and to use casual conversation. Be sure to respond to your audience’s comments to make them feel like there’s a real person behind the content.

Research, research, research. Stay on top of trends and don’t be shy in creating shareable Op-Eds that tie into your giveaways.

2. Hold giveaway contests

Giveaway contests work well because they generate excitement. They create strong emotions that can help drive engagement. This can increase traffic to your site and enlist people into your brand community.

Want to Build a Brand Community? Do This.

Help People

One of the best ways to build a loyal brand community is to provide solutions. Once you’ve uncovered challenges through open discussions, start finding creative ways to help get information and insights. Audiences, whether B2B, a viewer, a fan, or a customer, share content the helps them feel enlightened.

Create content that provides answers needed to complete an action, remedy a concern, or gives an insider look in your business and your content. Present your content in a format that your audience will actually want to consume.

How can LeFace Help?

Brand Community is  a Foundation

Based on our deep experience and expertise in the brand-community arena, LeFace created a proprietary strategic approach, BrandMaPR (pronounced Brand-mapper), to ensure that all brand community initiatives clearly and consistently reinforce an organization’s brand. This brand-centric and business goal-oriented model helps organizations increase marketshare and mindshare with the direct goal of positively impacting its bottom line.

The etymology of the word BrandMaPR stems from what LeFace views as the ideal marketing communications model – clarity of an organization’s brand (Brand) leads to the creation of powerful brand-centric marketing programs (Ma) that by their very nature must have strong PR and social media opportunities built into them (PR).

How Our Approach Is Different

Too many agencies approach marketing, advertising or PR tasks from a silo mentality with little understanding of how their work should affect the overall brand and the organization’s business goals.

Often, the end result is that slick marketing programs are created that have little relevance or impact in reinforcing the brand community or helping achieve business goals. In fact, the approach of style over substance often can be detrimental to growing the brand and its resonance among its target audience.



  1. Through BrandMaPR, LeFace works with clients to first clarify their brand – the fundamental emotional experience an organization wants its target audience to have with its product or service at every touch point. Once the brand is clarified, LeFace develops marketing and digital programs that consistently reinforce and strengthen its brand position among its target audience.

  2. These brand-centric marketing programs must have strong PR and social media campaigns built into them so that they are a natural extension and complement to the marketing program. The PR opportunities must also be focused on the core target audience and further serve to reinforce the brand – giving it power and strength to stand out in the marketplace.

  3. When done correctly, this is a model that can be repeated over and over to create a “surround sound” experience that consistently grows and strengthens the brand’s resonance among its core target audience.

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