TV Show Success and Brand Collective

Communities can be found anywhere and everywhere— in schools, among friends, through religious institutions, along political party lines, even among consumer brands that promote certain lifestyles. Brand communities, as they are known, offer the individual the opportunity to find meaning and a sense of self through a commitment to the particular lifestyle promoted by the brand.

Social media created an environment where consumer and marketers would be able to meet. However, opposite from other media in this platform, the power belongs to the consumers. By sharing their opinions and experiences, consumers support each other and become more powerful than any one company. This is the way it should be. Brands are created by consumers. Consumers influence the brand community.

In experiential consumption and in industries such as television, social media has even more power. The main goal of experiential products is to create experience outside viewing screens. By engaging target audiences not solely with, but beyond social media, whether with gaming, streaming / live-events, or traditional video and image sharing, television marketers begin to create emotional experiences way before a release.

Even if television marketers decide not to use social media, it will still affect the success of an upcoming release. Approximately 72% of social media users post their opinion about a show straight after watching it and even 8% social media users post comment while watching. It is often argued that online word – of – mouth information (WOM) no matter positive or negative increases interest in the brand. 

In the age of transparency, producers cannot ignore brand community engagement, from the moment a show gets the green light, news begins to spread. Buzz created by online users will definitely influence success of the show. 

There are two ways that television marketers can go. One way is to be active and try to use social media to engage target audiences, create awareness and experience way before show is premiered. In this way, television marketers can increase their success rate, because the show would be creating anticipation, something that fans were waiting for. 

Another way is to remain passive and hope that show itself will be accepted and, experiences created by it will generate positive reviews creating a bigger fan base. Both ways are risky and neither can guarantee 100% success.

Even though the examples provided above indicate that being active early on works more in favour of success.

A New Brand Model: The Brand Collective

Every brand is a destination that you, your audience, your production partners, and even your competitors populate, creating a living brand community. The key values shared by each of these interrelated groups define your brand. Our approach leverages those key values to engage your brand collective and grow it, sustainably.

We consider the brand collective as representative of all the aspects that make up the brand itself; its products, consumer facing and b2b, its services, it’s partnerships, and each of it’s audience groups, those viewers who take membership in the social communities that rally around a particular show. Given that people tend to define themselves according to group memberships, the individual finds meaning through the collective.

Every touchpoint a viewer has with the brand needs to be favourable, from what’s on screen to the footprint of the production company, and social channels. Otherwise the brand collective is diminished. When a producer understands what the brand satisfies for the consumer, they can begin to develop and sponsor social events, collateral, and communications that promote these values.

How to Build Brand Collective

Find out who your audience is and take the time to understand how and why they’re taking this journey through your content. Develop your brand persona and stay true to it. A well thought out brand persona will illuminate your brand values, who you are and what you stand for. More importantly, by sticking to your brand persona, your brand voice, your messaging and your content will be clear and consistent and will reach your audience authentically. Having a complete understanding of the journey your audience is taking with you is essential for the success of your brand, and will build a longer lead landscape for your brand collective working in sync to create a memorable experiences.

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