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Project Introduction

LeFace was part of a wave of women lifting each other up and moving one another forward. We brought together a line-up of amazing women for this year’s SXSW2019 at two high profile events. Working closely with Telefilm Canada and leading producer Shaftesbury, LeFace produced an International Women’s Day panel and the opening night of Telefilm’s Canada House in our continued effort to promote Banded Entertainment. 

Queer fandom is demanding representation in mainstream media, and the panel explores why this shift is happening now and why it’s crucial for creatives, producers and brands to pay attention and move with this massive audience. LeFace brought in Shaftesbury’s feature length documentary QUEERING THE SCRIPT director Gabrielle Zilkha (Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny),  producer Steph Ouaknine (Carmilla), Shaftesbury’s SVP of Branded Entertainment, Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, and Wattpad’s Head of Brand Partnerships, Chris Stefanyk, to talk about how the rising power of the fans and audience shaping representation on TV, movies and publishing, the relationship between fandom and activism, and what lies ahead for visibility and inclusiveness.

And in a move that got the Women’s Day panel the most exciting was dropping a special ’sneak peak’ of the doc ahead of its premiere on Hollywood Suite. The doc highlights amazing female forces such as Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess), Showrunner, Ilene Chaiken (Handmaid’s Tale, The L.Word) and Stephanie Beatriz.




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Project Execution

LeFace kept up the momentum from the SX International Women’s Day by opening Telefilm’s Canada House. We set up a cocktail party for our client Shaftesbury, to present the Carmilla story, now 100M + strong in it’s fandom, to the biggest brands flooding SXSW2019 to come learn why they need to harness the power of fandoms by becoming producers of Branded Entertainment, and use the power of great storytelling and compelling characters to appeal to their consumers and create the ultimate brand loyalty.

And in a nod to Shaftesbury’s latest branded entertainment series shooting in Vancouver LeFace put together an incredible all-ladies line-up of DJ’s, including Vancouver PRIDE headliner, DJ Oshow, a two-spirited black and Indigenous crowd raiser who also sits on council, Ingrid Hakanson, who sings to her own tracks and has worked with the biggest heavy-weights in House music and who provided the voice and vocals for the genius that is Blondtron, aka Sam Matthews Chase, who not only has a massive global fan base but who’s LA based Tech company is breaking incredible ground in protecting online identities, and also produced the Motion Comic BLONDTON as an anology for Sam’s journey on the House circuit and explored in the feature length documentary, AMPLIFY HER.

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