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Project Introduction

Rox Owen is a  Canadian Director / Writer with experience across multiple genres from documentaries, feature films, narrative drama and creative arts. She has directed several award winning movies over the years and has recently written, directed and funded Trouble in the Garden.

Trouble in the Garden Roz Owen’s first feature after a long career in television and documentary filmmaking is a drama about a family torn apart by its history – not everyone is who they appear to be.

There is a lot on the line to create awareness about her and the film.

From our of engagement with Roz we had 16 days to the first premier. Nothing existed in terms of a digital footprint (website for the film, Roz Owen personally or social accounts).


Roz Owen


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Project Execution

Immediately we started our Brand Community efforts  – compile content around her previous work as well as her production company AntiAmnesiac. This was used to populate the Roz Owen main website. We then then started to design la anding page for the Trouble in the Garden movie. The experience was meant to dice traffic to the movie page and the allow visitors to discover Roz Owen.

On social we created a Instagram account and started to populate the content and start to follow industry persons. We research appropriate hashtags to start promoting city screenings.

Lobby interviews were recorded / edited and shared. Additionally, all movie reviews were captured and used on social and the website.

Roz Oweb Trouble in the garden Brand Community
Roz Owen Brand Community
Roz Owen Brand Community
Roz Owen Brand Community
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