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A New Look

LeFace travels to Cannes twice per year for MIP. On this trip we struck up a conversation with Ken from Over & Above on how to help improve their presence online. Ken is their creative director and CEO. He knows what he wants and who can deliver it – there is no BS. The ask was simple – improve website user engagement, generate leads and out perform their competitors via search – have it done in 60 days. Ken is busy and we a have a time zone between us, fortunately our process is well defined and we’ve earned our 2 decades of experience.

Over & Above is an exciting company and we needed to convey that with limited assets.


Over & Above


Exhibit / Interior Design and Builders

Art Director

Colin Turnbull



Over & Above Intro Video

Design Experiences

At Over & Above they specialize in creative design of interior and exhibition spaces. They are committed to producing evocative designs and unique experiences. They design and install interior and exhibition stands to the highest standards and view themselves as brand ambassadors for their clients. Looking to improve their online presence and outperform their competitors on search – they turned to LeFace to have their tag line represent them online. We utilized interactive content sections to appease Google search requirements while mitigating the client request to not overwhelm pages with heavy content.

Modern and easy to understand UI, subtle animations and interactive content elements

Normally we  perform  research on Google search terms specific to our client, produce a copy deck, create the Information Architecture, generate Wireframes, and produce interactive Story boards iteratively.

Since our process is agile, we developed website copy and designs in tandem – the result was  interactive designs with relevant copy in place for the first client review. This allowed for a meaningful review at the 25 day mark.

Our design ambition was to introduce the Over & Above brand | process | work as part of the site experience – to blend everything. Since each page is a potential entry point we designed each page to stand alone.

We definitely accomplished our goal.

Our Biggest
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