LinkedIn Content Marketing

LeFace recently completed a content marketing campaign on LinkedIn to reach targeted industry professionals. The campaign included LinkedIn Content Ads featuring video case studies of customers; Sponsored InMails personalized for specific recipients; and display ads offering content downloads.

LinkedIn provided a highly effective channel for building connections, developing a community of industry professionals, and highlighting their thought leadership for this key audience, they were very much concerned with presenting a vision of leadership, and we’ve found that the [Sponsored InMails] available through LinkedIn allow for an incredible amount of targeting . We’ve been amazed by the engagement we’ve achieved in this way.

Building customer relationships with Content Marketing

What makes LinkedIn different is that people are there to talk business, it allows for incredible targeting and lets you share your excitement about the future of your business and the future of business overall. You have great dialogues there with other people who love talking shop.

These conversations run the gamut from thought leadership and corporate storytelling to helping people connect with each other in meaningful ways. We’ve realized that success for  our clients in sales begins with building relationships and providing a level of analysis and understanding that helps us all look to the future of a particular industry,LinkedIn is a natural place for that, and building relationships with the community there is something that falls naturally within our normal commercial work.

Achieving measurable business impact through LinkedIn Content Marketing

We’ve been excited to see how much engagement they experienced throughout our LinkedIn programs. The company has achieved an average interaction rate of 5.75% for its Content Ads, generating over 1,300 unique content downloads. Sponsored InMails have achieved open rates of up to 13%, creating deep engagement with targeted LinkedIn users.

Whatever metric you choose, whether conversions, virality, or traffic, we’ve seen a number of successes through the LinkedIn platform that reflect a very receptive and well-qualified audience. At the same time, we also saw tremendous potential for new ways to use the platform to drive business.

Our client had several lines of business (employment law, business law, family law and real estate law) with specific interest in generating more leads for their business law lawyers.

Here is an example of shareable, thought leadership content we created (2019 Job Market Report) – disseminated through display ads. The secondary aspect of the strategy was to ensure all shareable content had relevant search terms and hosted on their blog section for SEO.

Regardless of what client vertical we work in (kids camp to law firms), our goal is to create content people actually want to spend time with.