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Building Relationships Brand Community
Building Relationships and Brand Community – Air BnB POV
Good brand community is a story waiting to be told… The feeling we get when  travelling is something that can be emotionally rewarding and memorable for a lifetime. No brand...
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brand community infograph
Millennials “would spend more” if part of a brand’s community, according to Dialogue
More than half (58%) of consumers aged 25 to 34 say they’d be likely to spend more money on a brand’s products and services if they were part of its...
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Brand Community Example Apple
How Brand Community Saved Apple
How Brand Community Saved Apple These days, the prevailing marketing wisdom seems to be “When in doubt, copy Apple.” You see it everywhere from TV ads and print ads, right...
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Brand Community Voice Recognition
Is voice search the future of content marketing?
Is voice search the future of content marketing? In the early days of voice search, most people dismissed the idea of speaking rather than typing as a gimmick. After all, publicly...
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Brand Community
How to Build Your Own Brand Community
How to Build Your Own Brand Community We all belong in different places, with different people. Consumers want to have meaningful relationships with the brands they engage with. Establishing a...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Chatbots
The Beginner’s Guide to  Chatbots
The Beginner’s Guide to Chatbots for Brand Enagement Chatbots are transforming brand experience and redefining how brands engage their brand community – but not all are created equal. A lovable chatbot is...
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Event Checklist
7 pre-event content tips to get people excited
7 Pre-Event Content tips to people excited FOMO is a powerful thing. If your brand is investing time, money and people in an event, you’ll want to ensure a) you fill...
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Digital PR
Is Digital PR getting harder?
Is Digital PR Getting Harder? Is digital PR getting harder? In some ways yes, but it’s not all bad news. Stay committed to good storytelling and embrace the winds of change –...
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Editorial Calendar
Tools for editorial calendar
Content Marketing 101: Tools for is the unlimited editorial calendar. Great content marketing requires more than just great content. Whether we like it or not,  we all learn at some point that the...
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2018 Search Trends
Search Trends
2018 Search Trends Do you want the god news or bad news? For a couple of years now, key industry commentators have been trying to convince us that SEO is dead and, by and...
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