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Brand Community Experience
Enhancing the brand community experience
Any time a customer interacts with your brand is a brand community touch point and is an opportunity to enhance the brand community experience. These include face to face contact...
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Brand Community and Charities
Charities and Brand Community
Charities need to remember why they exist – and shout about it Purpose, is “the reason for which something is done or made or for which something exists”. Charities should be...
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brand story and brand community
Authentic Brand Stories Create Brand Communities
What makes people connect with a service, idea or product? It’s all in the brand story you tell and the way you tell it. Your brand’s story is more than...
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Elevate Brand Storytelling Conference
Brand Storytelling
Our own Rebecca Herr is in Deer Valley, Utah this week, participating in the Elevate brand storytelling conference. Always the storyteller, Rebecca is making connections everywhere she goes - even...
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Repost on Instagram to build brand community
Building Brand Community on Instagram by Reposting
  Social media is all about sharing content. On Instagram, this means reposting relevant brand community content in addition to your brand’s original content. Instagram repost allows users to easily...
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How to grow to brand community
How to build a Brand Community?
There are many tactics that businesses can use to connect within their city. Building an online brand community is also helpful for attracting positive attention. Let's look at some of the...
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brand community
Brand Experience, Every Touch Point Matters
In today's market, no company can expect to build a successful venture based on product alone. Even if your product  is a game changer, new versions will develop in an...
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Building Relationships Brand Community
Building Relationships and Brand Community – Air BnB POV
Good brand community is a story waiting to be told… The feeling we get when  travelling is something that can be emotionally rewarding and memorable for a lifetime. No brand...
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brand community infograph
Millennials “would spend more” if part of a brand’s community, according to Dialogue
More than half (58%) of consumers aged 25 to 34 say they’d be likely to spend more money on a brand’s products and services if they were part of its...
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Brand Community Example Apple
How Brand Community Saved Apple
How Brand Community Saved Apple These days, the prevailing marketing wisdom seems to be “When in doubt, copy Apple.” You see it everywhere from TV ads and print ads, right...
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