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yold or young old
Decade of the Young-Old
Boomers will not retire quietly into the background. In 2018, Emile Ratelband (69) went to court to make himself 20 years younger. He said his age was stopping him getting dates...
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B2B Content Marketing
Boost Your LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Strategy
While more than 90 percent of marketers report LinkedIn as a leading source of quality content, only 1 million users claim they’ve published an article and just 3 million actively share content...
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MIPTV – Leave it Alone
MIPTV to be "reimagined" for 2020, say organisers A new market experience, more curated content, supercharged networking and an expanded hosted buyer’s programme are set for a reimagined MIPTV in...
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Thought Leadership
How to Build Thought Leadership Without Bragging About Yourself
Thought leadership is important for any person and brand wanting to establish themselves as a leader in a particular industry, niche, specific topic, trade or practice. Thought leadership is beneficial for...
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Outrank your Competitors
Outrank your Competitors Online
A competitive analysis is a critical part of any businesses marketing plan. A well-reasoned competitor analysis will structure your whole marketing strategy and position your business for future success. Having...
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LinkedIn Content Marketing
LinkedIn Content Marketing
LeFace recently completed a content marketing campaign on LinkedIn to reach targeted industry professionals. The campaign included LinkedIn Content Ads featuring video case studies of customers; Sponsored InMails personalized for...
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google algorithm changes
Surviving Google’s Algorithm Changes
Did you see that Google just posted an article about how you can survive their algorithm changes? They broke down what they are looking for in a website, assuming you...
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leFace brand Community Marketing Secrets
Steal your Competitors Marketing Secrets
Marketing is hard! But it doesn't have to be. You can spy on your competitors, get all their marketing strategies and the tags that are working off them, copy them, and...
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Live Streaming Events Reface Brand Community
Benefits of Live Streaming
Why you should care about Live Streaming Video The world of marketing is always evolving, leaving marketers constantly on their toes when it comes to new ways of reaching customers...
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MIPTV2019 LeFace
MipTV Sets Revamp in Motion Amid Falling Attendance, Dissatisfaction
The talk at MipTV in Cannes isn’t about the latest hot show this year. It’s about whether the global TV confab has lost its mojo, and whether a plan to...
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