Facebook Dominates YouTube For Video Content. Here’s How You Should Respond

Now that a new cohort of consumers (millennials, we’re looking at you) become less prone to ad talk and highly sensitive to brand attempts at creating trust with their audience, video is gaining strong support as a way to connect with consumers on a new, more emotional level.

The battle for video marketing dominance; however, has been monopolized by a few players. YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo are perfect examples of platforms who provide brands opportunities of utilizing a new type of digital influencer: the creator.

This monopoly; however, may be coming to an end thanks to another social giant: Facebook.

According to a recent survey conducted by the visual content platform Slidely, 47% of consumers state that they now get most of their video content on Facebook, versus 41% who say they usually watch YouTube. And 71% of those who watch marketing videos on Facebook state that the ads they view are relevant.

Even more important to brands is that between 60%-70% of those who view a company’s Facebook video then proceed to visit that company’s website.

And Facebook is really pushing the value for brands to create videos and publish them on their account pages, based on statistics like these.

But creating “Facebook-friendly” videos is not just a matter of creating a marketing video and posting it.

Facebook Video new “rules” of video engagement

Facebook has announced that it is now ranking videos and is placing the highest emphasis on person-to-person interactions. Those videos that will receive high ranking are those that consumers find genuinely interesting and that receive the most likes, comments and shares. And Facebook also likes it when you respond to the comments you get.

The implications for brands

Given the recent statistics and Facebook’s guidelines, it is obvious that brands wishing to connect with a larger consumer base need to create and publish marketing videos on Facebook. And the great thing about doing this is, it is an opportunity to compete with the “big boys” who have huge marketing budgets that you don’t have. Indeed, Facebook is a great equalizer in marketing.

Interested in including video in your next brand planning session? LeFace’s social team can help you navigate the ever-changing world of social media to achieve brand goals.