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Digital & Content Strategy: Create Messaging With Impact.

It all starts with communication. How a brand interacts and connects with its brand community — whether through its website, email and print communications, social media or at an event — directly impacts the brand’s strengths. A powerful, consistent communication and content strategy is paramount to a successful brand strategy, ensuring audiences not only receive important messaging but connect with and act on it.

Content Creation & Communication Campaigns

LeFace offer years of expertise in marketing, writing and brand strategy. From script and speech writing to rebrand messaging to website and ad creation, we provide superior communications solutions. Informed by extensive research and guided by strategy, we create thoughtful content in a client’s brand voice. We then pair that content with a carefully crafted, multi-channel communications strategy to reach our clients’ most-valued audiences.

Optimizing Content for Search

You need to understand what motivates your audience and ensure you are appealing beyond pure rationality, to the emotions and desires that drive them.

All content  is optimised for search engines to drive traffic directly through SERPs. Using SEO insights and keyword data we approach creative content development with search opportunities in mind.

Social Engagement and Interaction

Content is optimised for social interactions to increase your reach, build brand community, product affinity and generate social signals for SEO.

Digital Engagement: Power Up the Digital Experiences.

Our team is passionate about emerging technology and has extensive experience executing interactive and digital strategies for brands of all sizes and across all industries. LeFace excels in designing, developing and implementing custom digital solutions that provide a platform for genuine, humanized content to expertly connect to the brand community — both digitally and in person.

Communication Campaigns

We value our relationships with international and domestic journalists and social media influencers and utilize them frequently to grow your Brand Community. It’s important to know who’s writing about what and with whom, and who’s working on the most relevant content. With deep connections, both in and out of the entertainment industry, LeFace writes and distributes press releases, executes communications strategies, shapes media narratives, manages industry appearances from securing a place on the stage to editing the material and talking points. You are the talent. Your win is our win. And we’re passionate about winning.

Event Production: It’s All In the Execution.

Brand experiences come to life during event production. Every carefully planned detail — from the creative activations to the run of show to the food and beverage — is put into effect. A live event is an organic production with many moving parts and requires a focused, organized effort to execute. With the right production team in the right roles, events are accomplished without a hitch.

At LeFace, we realize big ideas. We translate strategic plans into compelling events. And we understand all the work and coordination that goes into making them a success. As event production experts with decades of combined experience, we do more than execute. We think deeply, we plan down to the last detail, and then we put ourselves in the thick of the action and produce.

B2B Audience Engagement: To Engage is Human.

A brand communicates with its audience in many ways, but arguably none are more powerful than face-to-face interactions. Conferences and corporate events are a prime opportunity for these in-person meetings — when attendees can connect with and hear from a brand’s leaders, partners and employees. Brands should approach these sales and B2B conferences as the valuable opportunities they are, which have proven to strengthen brand alignment, boost employee morale and increase sales.

Video over Reading

Whether it be on your website or via Social Channels, video is the perfect way to get a story across without losing an audience’s attention.

Some Statistics to Prove Our Point

Video promotion is 600% more effective and 60% of people will watch a video before reading text. Video alone in an email will increase the click-through rate by 200-300%. Finally, 90% of users say product videos are helpful in the decision process.

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We consider ourselves privileged to work with a fine group of passionate clients who trust us to build and nurture their brand community.

We take this trust to heart – it’s the reason we never stop pushing for innovative solutions that will propel your business forward.

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Rebecca and Colin I want to commend your efforts and continued support in keeping the shift2 name as a prominent fixture in the ever changing and competitive field of Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO stats play a very powerful role in attracting new customers.


CEO Shift2 - shift2
Jun 29, 2018

Beer Sisters

We developed a great partnership with Leface and their dedication to our business goals is evident in all aspects of our site and content. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our new identity online.


Beer Sisters
Jun 29, 2018

Coach Within

Colin and the team always make sure to answer any and every question I have regarding social media, my website , strategy; well, everything digital and how content works within the search engine sphere. He is always so friendly and personable and never makes me feel like I've asked a stupid question...

Owner - Coach Within
Jun 29, 2018


leFace created a brand online e-comm presence and grew our social channels through great content and sharing. Navigating the Canadian cannabis regulations isn't easy - but they  found ways to grow our social base....

Club Four20
Aug 31, 2018

Don McCutcheon – Director

Rebecca is star at managing my reputation - she always on the lookout for new director opportunities....

Aug 31, 2018
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