Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

Every brand is a destination that you, your customers, your suppliers, and even your competitors populate, creating a living brand community.

The key values shared by each of these interrelated groups define your brand. Our approach leverages those key values to engage your brand community and grow it, sustainably.

Branding is not just about what people buy… it’s about what they buy into. And what they buy into is the relationship they expect to have with your brand.

We use a range of activities including PR, Social Media, Paid Marketing, SXO/SEO, Content Marketing, Market Research, Website Development & Analysis and Event Management to build communities for businesses, places and social enterprises.

By creating strong communities, we help our clients achieve their marketing and communications goals, from increased media exposure and online visibility to stronger visitor engagement.

When it comes to designing strategies to help our clients build communities and achieve their goals, we adopt the AIDA approach.

It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Brand Community AIDA Approach

BACK IN THE DAY. It worked something like this… You were the owner of an apple stand with big ambitions to expand your business.

First you need to get some attention for your stand, by bellowing “get lovely apples” or putting up a sandwich board.

Then you needed to court interest, perhaps engaging people with witty banter, you would also want to stoke desire by making sure your product looked at its best so people would take action and buy some apples.

NOWADAYS. You probably don’t sell apples… but the principles are the same. 

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