Multitasking is a part of our daily responsibilities and sometimes it can be hard to get in the right mindset to finish everything. Lucky for you (and your brain), studies show that music is highly effective in raising efficiency while doing work. But what are the best types of songs to get your juices flowing? Studies show that songs that include the following elements are more likely to give you a creative boost:

Leave it to Mother Nature

Adding a natural element, such as a waterfall or forest critters, has the potential to boost moods and focus, as its randomness doesn’t distract from the task at hand.

No words necessary

Words are distracting. Noise in general isn’t to blame when it comes to lost productivity, it’s the words that force us to shift focus from our work to figuring out what someone is saying.

Keep it down

Moderate noise levels are just right for creative thinking.

Here at LeFace we can’t truly function without a good song playing in the background, whether we’re listening together with Sonos or separately with headphones, we love to be inspired by music. With that in mind, we picked a few songs that will make your day more productive (you’re welcome).

City of the Sun – Perfect Instance

Peals – Blue Elvis

William Round – Super Novas

For more tunes to activate your braincells, check out this Spotify playlist.

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