September 2018

What Brands Can Learn From Sports Fandom
While die-hard sports fans may not love the designation, major sports teams are brands. Not “technically brands”, not “also brands”, but brands, full-stop. Those values don’t put sports teams in the same ballpark as, say, Google and Apple (more like...
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Instagram Stories
10 ways to captivate with Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories  When you post an Instagram story, you add content for your audience to view over 24 hours. The feature allows the user to engage their audience and help them stay on your page longer. It also can help...
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brand Transparency
People Want Brands to be Transparent on Social Media
Social media has become one the main ways in which companies communicate with consumers. It allows for instant responses to questions as well as a more modern and personalized communication platform. When it comes to transparency, social media is more...
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not for profit brand community
Your Not for Profit Brand Community – Why it Matters
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Building a Not for Profit Brand Community - Why it Matters Whenever we approach a new client opportunity - we undertake a deep dive into the client - culminating in an informed proposal and ideally, a mandate. This time, we...
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